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Here is the top and best supermarkets in the country at the moment

Quickmart vast grocery section.

Talking of supermarkets, if you remember correctly a while back, there were two major supermarkets in the country. The two included Tuskys and Nakumatt supermarkets. But as they say change is the only constant, those two brands domination period is over. Tuskys was the latest supermarket to follow the likes of Nakumatt and uchumi and even the goverment intervention failed to save the retail store.

A Quickmart supermarket store front.

On the other hand Quickmart has been the fastest growing retail store in the country and they have even opened some branches where Tuskys has vaccated as a sign of taking over. Since Quickmart joined forces with Tumaini supermarket the store has become the best in Kenya at the moment as they offer more products which are also affordable.

 Naivas is also among the dominating supermarkets in the country. They have more than 60 branches all over the country and they have become popular due to their low selling prices and recently the introduction of the online shopping portal which Quickmart also possesses.

Carrefour is the other top brand. This is mostly located in the big malls across the country and it's main customers are high income earners in the country because af them being a bit more expensive.

Cleanshelf is another retail store that began small,as a mini mart,and is now among the big names. It's most customers are low income earners.

 Chandarana Food Plus sells high quality products and don't have they are not as common as the other mentioned above supermarkets but they are among the oldest supermarkets in the country. With over 26 years of operation in the country an slightly over 15 branches , wide variety off products including wines, electronic, household products and fresh foods the retail store is on the rise

Powerstar supermarket is also an upcoming retail store together with migunas supermarket.

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Carrefour Nakumatt Quickmart Tumaini Tuskys


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