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Companies That Do Not Advertise Their Product But Still Thrives In The Market

Many companies advertise their products in order to be bought, such companies use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tv and radio stations to push their products to the market.

But there are some companies which do not advertise their products but their products still thrives well in the market.These companies includes the following;

2.Kifaru Company

Kifaru is a brand of matchbox which has been in the market for more than 60 years, this product rarely or has never been advertised in any TV or radio station nor any social media platforms but it thrives well in the market.

The reason behind this product thriving in the market for a long time even without being advertised is because it is a basic item in all households.

2.Kay salt 

This is another product which has lasted for more than 7 decades in the market without being advertised but still does well.

The reason behind it lasting long in the market even without advertisement is because it is a basic home or household product.No food can be cooked and have a good taste without salt.

Maybe you know another item that is never advertised but still does well in the market, mention it.

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