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How To Make money On Telegram

Telegram has over 400million users worldwide. The number is ever increasing due to its advantages over its close rival WhatsApp. Channels on telegram can accommodate up to 200,000 members. With such an audience, one can monetize their content. Here is how you can utilize Telegram to make some cash.

First, Get Subscribers

First, you need to create a channel with creative content. The kind of content you post should captivate a certain kind of audience. If you decide to create a channel about memes or soccer, make sure you post interesting content for your audience. Share your link to other telegram groups to earn yourself subscribers.


once you have a large audience, you can reach out to business or other channels who want to popularize their products. A telegram channel with over 5000 members can charge up to Ksh.500 for 2 hours duration. An overnight advert can cost around Ksh.2000. The more the members you have, the better your rates.

Sale Products

You can start a product channel. The products do not have to be necessarily yours. You can act as a go between sellers and buyers. You will earn by collecting commission on each sale.

Sell Subscription Services

If your content is exceptional, people will be willing to pay for it. There are channels that connect prospective employees to employers, escort services, trading signals among others. Pick your niche and perfect it. There is always something someone is willing to pay for.

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