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Top 10 World Billionaires Who Instantly Became Broke And Their Mistakes

1. Billionaire Ramesh Chandra

When he started his Unitech company back in 1972, Ramesh Chandra was one of the few world Billionaires. He had a net worth of $ 11 billion dollars. It was a corruption scandal that brought his company a lot of trouble. It was so serious that one of his son was arrested and a third of company sold to settle huge debts. Life has never been the same again for him and he has never risen to that level again.

2. Billionaire Patricia Kluge 

Being a wife to a a Billionaire husband, she was a woman of substance some few years back. After she got divorced from her husband, she parted with some good amount of cash. She was more than $ 5 billion dollar rich in those years. It was her venture into real estate that brought her a lot of trouble when she took a huge amount of loan of more than $ 65 million dollars and she couldn't pay back. That is when former US president Donald Trump decided to help her by buying her estate.

3. Huang Wenji

The 75% owner of the Jicheng Holdings found in China was one of the richest men in the world. It was the fell of stock of the company that brought down his Billionaire status to nothing.

4. Alberto Vilar

He used to be the founder of the greatest companies in the US and that is the Amerindo investment. With a net worth of more than $ 1 billion, all that came to an end after he was arrested and charged and convicted for crimes of fraud and money laundering. He was imprisoned for more than 10 years until his release in 2018. He has never regained his billionaire status ever since.

5. Vijay Mallya

Vijay was one of the great business leaders in India. His company was one of the greatest companies in India that specialized in production of liquor. Since he couldn't manage the company so well as the chairman, the company incurred lots of debts until he was ousted as the company's chairman. He even had to flee his own country and started involving himself in crimes.

6. Adolf Merckle 

The German tycoon was at one time among the top five richest men on earth. He had an estimated net worth of $ 12 billion. Things started getting out of control and in the year 2008, he had lost more than $ 3 billion in less than 12 months. The losses kept coming and he even gambled his wealth out and became depressed to the extent of committing suicide.

7. Elizabeth Holmes

2015 was one of the best years for Elizabeth Holmes and his company was doing well. With a net worth of $ 9 billion, she was among the most influential people on planet earth. There were accusations brought against her and her company that made Forbes to devalue her net worth to nothing.

8. Robert Allen Stanford

The former world Billionaires received the shock of his life when he was given a 110 years prison sentence for money laundering and other serious crimes including use of fraud to enrich himself. From $ 8.5 billion net worth to behind bars.

10. Billionaire Seán Quinn 

Ireland used to know him as the richest in his country and the whole world also knew him. The financial crisis that hit the world in 2008 was so devastating especially for Sean and his company. He incurred significant losses that he decided to file for a bankruptcy.

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