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One Mistake Nairobians Make that Makes their Lives Expensive

At times we wonder how fast the cost of living is going up, especially when we spend more than we had anticipated, forgetting it is us that sometimes make the cost of living high by unnecessarily raising standards of living. Here is one major mistake Nairobians make that makes their shoppings and cost of living at times very unbearable.

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Maybe you've never realised how much you spend on a product coupled up with delivery charges, and at times the amount you have to tip the riders. Nairobians have become fond of having items delivered to them, to their doorstep which is not bad. But you'll find someone ignoring a vendor or even a wholesaler with same quality items, at fair prices, within their residential estate, and instead calling for a delivery from a mall or an online shopping platform. Why? There's literally no good reason for this, but people want to show their class, even if they are far from their dream classes. It is like these days, purchasing items online is a doorway to nobility. You'll find someone paying an extra delivery fee of five hundred for an item worth one thousand shillings. If you follow up carefully, you'll find someone selling the same quality item at the same one thousand within location. What is this if not voluntarily making life expensive?

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There is also this habit of visiting distant supermarkets even for the smallest shoppings, while ignoring shops within the residential estates. You find someone going for little things suppers, some meat and vegetables at a supermarket, using fuel with two hundred plus of even fare of equivalent amount. Why? Still not good reason, it is just a show of class. These kind of people would spend almost double the amount they could have spend if they bought the items within their estates.

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Personally, I don't think this is a good move, the habit of buying everything online and doubling coats instead of purchasing them from local vendors. It is doubtlessly expensive and I'd recommend if you want to purchase an item and it is within you location, just buy it as long as it is authentic, stop being extravagant. Also important, let's try to promote our local businesses, especially those close to our locations. If you want to spend more you can as well tip the seller the amount you could have spent on delivery or fare.

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