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Kirinyaga macadamia farmers lament over low prices.

Macadamia nuts prices in various regions of the country have increasingly dropped. In previous years the cost of these nuts was kshs 150 per kilogram. The prices have now dropped to kshs 20- 30 per kilogram.

The farmers speculate that the surge in coronavirus cases is the main reason for the drop in prices since their main buyers are in China.

In kirinyaga county the farmers are thinking of giving up on farming these fruits since most of the fruits are on their farms not harvested. Middlemen are the current buyers of macadamia nuts, most of them are buying them at low prices leaving the farmers frustrated. Businesses affiliated with this farming have also gone down with most shops closing up.

The farmers are in anguish and only left with memories of the previous year's rates. They say that the sale of macadamia was a source of development since people would come from different regions of the country to buy the nuts and their seedlings.

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