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'Hii Ni Kali' - Reactions After A Trolley Full of Smokies And Eggs Is Seen Inside This Famous Bank

Photo Courtesy. 

Kenyans on the internet were left talking after a photo emerged of a Smokie trolley inside a Unitas bank. 

Many Kenyans were left speculating on whether the bank had started selling Smokies and The famous Mayai Pasua. 

The bank which has over 350,000 members and serves in over 21 counties made headlines all over social media after the image went viral. 

It has since been established that the incident happened at the Cardinal Otunga Unitas Branch when a customer walked in with his merchandise. since he was banking with them, he was allowed to enter with his trolley. 

It happened that he had visited during the Dedicated Members Service Day, which is celebrated every last Friday of the Month.The Unitas Branch team bought all the stock of the day on behalf of their customers.

According to a statement by Unitas bank, The members really enjoyed the MAYAI PASUA with Kachumbari and SMOKIE PASUA.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans. 

Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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Dedicated Members Service Day Hii Ni Kali' MAYAI PASUA Otunga Unitas


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