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A Group of Five People From Olala Village In Narok West Expect To Ripe Big From Chicken Farming

Mr Samuel Taveta and Amos Bore feeding chicken at their Olala B poultry farm. photo by Wabende.

About twelve kilometres from Mulot Sunset along newly tarmacked Mulot-Sogoo road and at Olala B village sit a poultry farm located on about a half an acres land.

The poultry farm was started October 2021 and is under co-ownership.Initial it belong to a group of about 10 people but some have withdrew.

It was voluntary and each member contributed Kshs.1,000 as joining fee.The venture currently belong to five people after withdrawals of other members.

Mr Samuel Taveta is the group leader,while Amos Bore and other three people are members of the venture.They plough a working capital of about Kshs.500,000 this include construction of the chicken coop and acquisition of the chicks.

They initial farm maize but it was proving unprofitable and hence decided to keep improve kienyeji chicken for egg production.The farm is teeming with chicken nearing layering stage.In total the chicken are 3,00 in number.

To attain the desirable growth rate the chicken are feed on different feeds depending on their stage of growth.Vaccination, proper brooding and hygiene are key factors in egg production.

The group leader Mr Samuel Taveta notes that poultry farming is a good venture but one should conduct a market search to avoid getting losses.

"For the first five days,the chicken need controlled heat,light,feeds and water.After 14 days,the chicks can regulate their own water and feeds consumption," Mr Taveta adds.

But like any other economic venture the group has their share of challenges.The cost of feeds has skyrocketed in the recent time due to increase in petroleum products prices and hence the high cost of feed productions.

The other challenge is the demanding nature of the birds that cannot allow them to be far from the poultry venture.

"The chicken need close care as we can't entrust the responsibility to other family members who have no training on how to take care of the chicken," Amos Bore further says but was prompt to add that the venture look promising.

The poultry house has been fenced all round for biosecurity reasons but at night they are alert to guard against theft of the chicken.

Mr Felix Akatch Opinya of Department of Animal Sciences at Egerton University says chicken production is a worthwhile business if well thought through. Notably, the highest cost of production lies in feeding.

He continues to say other cost include setting up,veterinary and labour.All these,however,vary depending on your production goal and influence the type of chicken to keep,whether broiler,layers or Kienyeji.

Content created and supplied by: Wabende (via Opera News )

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