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3 Places In Kenya Where Any Farmer Can Buy Quality Dairy Cows.

Dairy farming is one of the best agricultural activities which can make for any famer a good profit currently. This is because many people have not invested in this kind of agricultural activity due to fear of the climate, diseases, cost of animal feeds among many other things that may course fear in farmers.

When you want to buy a diary cow you must have a small farm where you can plant animal feeds like neipper grass since this will reduce the cost you will spend on buy animal feeds. You can also feed your animal with maize stalk which is a very common feed during harvesting of maize.

If you have a good farm of neipper grass then you will spend little amount buying animal feeds like hay, silage among other animal feeds. You will only spend money buying minerals and some medicines which you will use to treat your animal.

When you want to buy a diary cattle it is not advisable that you buy from your neighbor unless you have your vetinary doctor around then you can go ahead and do so, since he will advice you whether that diary cattle is healthy, it is the best type of breed and he will help you check on many things.

You have to be keen because many people buy diary cows from friends and cow end up dying even before you get something good from your investment.

In Kenya there are more than 3 places where you can buy diary cattle, be it a calf or a mature diary cattle. If you want to buy a calf then you should roughly have 10,000 shillings to 30,000 shillings since the price will vary depending with the size of the calf and if you want to buy a mature diary cattle then you should have at least 90,000 shillings.

Consider these 3 agricultural place in Kenya if you want to buy quality dairy cattle.

Gichecha farm in Ruiru

Manera (Delamere Estate) in Naivasha

Agricultural Development Corporation in Kitale

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Kenya Quality Dairy Cows


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