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Bitcoin Millionaire; How to become rich without buying bitcoins

Policemen arrested a young man driving a car yesterday. He barely breached the laws of traffic and therefore drew the police's attention. He was a little nervous when the man was talking to the police. The police became suspicious and asked the man to open the boot only to find several bags of money. The man named Joseph Njeri said he got a lot of money using the system called Crypto Billionaire.

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Joseph Njeri said that he started Bitcoin trade in 2017.

Says Joseph. "At first I thought, 'how am I going to make money using this? I'm just a matatu driver who has serious problems. I have no in-depth computer skills or a fancy degree in finance like some of those Bitcoin 'hot shots' you hear about on the news"

While investigating, Joseph found an advertisement claiming he could earn up to KES 863,300 in the next 24 hours using a method called Crypto Billionaire with just a KES 27,000 investment.

Crypto Billionaire is an online framework that teaches you how to make money online with Bitcoin by using internet pages. In order to actually evaluate and recommend whether or not the value of Bitcoin goes up or down, it uses groundbreaking algorithms.

After just two weeks using the Crypto Billionaire system, Joseph had made over KES 3,179,299 using only his initial investment of KES 27,000.

Today, Bitcoin may seem like an impossible challenge.

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