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Opinion: 10 Basic Ways You Can Create Source Of Income as A Kenyan in 2023

When it comes to industrialization and economic growth, we cannot overlook the fact that the recent world has seen tremendous diversification. This change has gained traction with numerous people embracing the mantra of working at the comfort of their homes or being able to work at the pace they are comfortable with.

While you can use the internet to search for such types of jobs, it is certain that some people might claim that it only takes three days to find full-time work in Kenya or even make a whole lot of money in a short time doing that.

However, that's not always the case for a majority of individuals who continue to vent their concerns with the job search and tend to fall victim for the next bandwagon promising crazy returns in a short period of time.

With everyone looking forward to gaining financial freedom and embracing the freedom of living rent free or not having to worry about where the next meal will come from, in this article we shall look into the 10 basic ways one can utilize the internet and make money.

10. Trying their luck with Gambling and Online Casinos: While the uncertainty of winning with online betting is covered with the ability to gain massive amounts of money if your prediction proves to be right, we cannot overlook the fact that this is a risky endeavour which requires large amounts of money to hedge the risk of loosing your initial deposit.

This sources have become synonymous with the Kenyan market and tends to attract customers each and every other day.

9. Cryptocurrency Trading: While most people are betting big on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ethereum, this market has seen its fare share of disappointments after fell from a high of 68thousand dollars in 2021 to a low of 23thousand dollars in 2023.

The good side of such an investment is that it is not regulated by the government and its price is determined by supply and demand.

8. Dropshipping: This involves someone buying goods at a cheaper price and marketing it in another online shopping website in an attempt to make profit when the transaction is completed.

The advantage of this technique is that one is not mandated to hold a stock of the items they are intending to sell.

7. Academic writing: This has become popular With Kenyan youths because of the crazy returns it can offer someone has time, can carry out research and competent.

This basically happens through popular sites like Fiver, Upwork or any other online platform.

5. Writing, Creating and marketing electronic books.

4. With the advent of internet and phones, one way of making a stable source of income is by selling someone's knowledge through Online tuition or courses. This tends to be reserved to people who have an extensive knowledge they can share about Their nitche of focus.

3. Producing organic soaps, Selling second hand clothes, Selling eggs and popcorns.

2. Acting as a courier for sites like Glovo, Jumia, Copia or KFC.

1. Enrolling as a taxi driver for some of the local sites like Uber, Bolt and indriver.

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