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Top 5 Best Event Planning Companies in Kenya

The event planning business is among the most lucrative businesses in Kenya. There are many corporates and individuals planning events, be it the launching of new products, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and many other events. To ensure that these events are successful, you need the services of an event planner.

The event planner will help you find the best venues, set up tents, decorate the venue, negotiate contracts with vendors, and avail the necessary equipment. As such, it is important that you find the best event planning company in Kenya. The following are some of the best event management companies in Kenya.

1. Waridi Events

Waridi Events is a corporate event management company located in Nairobi. It specializes in corporate events such as company parties, product launches, workshops, conferences, and award ceremonies. Their services include venue management, guest management, speaker management, vendor management, event reporting, availing required equipment, PR & Marketing, and ensuring proper event coordination.

2. MoSound Events

MoSound Events is also one of the best event planning companies in Nairobi, Kenya that covers events for corporate organizations. It offers comprehensive services for planning, managing, producing, and operating your event. Some of the events they are involved in planning include festivals, product launches, concerts, ceremonies, and conferences. MoSound provides top-notch equipment and excellent customer service and has worked with corporates like Safaricom.

3. Ashley Events

Ashley Events is a full-service event planning company located in Nakuru, Kenya. They specialize in planning private parties, social events, and corporate functions. Ashley’s services include supplier selection, guest management, venue search, ticket sales, transportation, consultancy, entertainment, and program creation. Ashley’s services are among the most sort after due to their unique services.

4. Event Hub Limited

Event Hub Limited is an event management company in Nairobi, Kenya with one of the most reputable services. The company works with eco-friendly vendors to ensure that they create a lasting impact on the environment. They make this possible by sourcing fair trade, and using locally produced products, and reused and recycled items where possible. The company also takes part in community welfare services like donations.

5. Sunflower Events Limited

Sunflower Events is an event organizing company in Nairobi that offers a wide range of services such as event concept creation, PR communications, exhibition management, concept creation, experimental marketing, PR and communications, and activation. The company creates a platform where you and your guests can connect, network, and celebrate.


There are many other event planning companies in Kenya, but you need to find the best in the market. When choosing the best party planner in Kenya, consider the services it offers and your budget. It is also best to check a company’s years of experience before choosing an event planning company in Kenya.

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