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The World Wealthiest People as Per Forbes 2021

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Despite the giant Pandemic that has been witnessed since 2020 there had been great surge in cryptocurrency and skyrocketing stock in prices. On Forbes 35th annual list of the wealthiest it exploded to 2755 more than a year ago.

493 were new to the list and 210 were from Hong Kong and china. For the last four years Jeff Bezos has been the world richest with a worth net of $177billion. Number two was Elon Musk with a net worth of $151billion as Tesla and Amazon surge.

The stock prices and exchange rates from March 5th were used in calculating the net worth.

Jeff Bezos who is the richest man had an history of how he founded his e-commerce giant amazon in 1994 out of his garage in Seattle. He stepped down as the CEO and became the executive in 2021.

Below are the top 5 richest men.


1. jeff Bezos. $177Billion. United States

2. Elon Musk $151billion. United States

3. Bernard Arnault. $150billion. France

4. Bill Gates $124billion. United States

5. Mark Zuckerberg $97billion UnitedStates

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