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Electricity Blackout on Monday 04 October Within the Listed Area

Electricity is a key factor needed by many in running their daily norm. This activities may include: Welding, Running of Motors, Powering Office appliances to mention a few.

Kenya Power Lightening Company for over decades have been given the authority of distributing electricity to the local residents who uses low voltage appliances.

KPLC have always being buying electricity from Kengen Kenya at lower price and later sold it to residents at higher price for the purpose of making revenue out of their effort.

Kengen Kenya for over year's have been the leading power producer here in Kenya. The company generates its power from different areas such as: Hydraulic Energy, Wind Energy, Geo Thermal Energy to mention a few.

Hydraulic Energy Company is a successful power production company here in Kenya with the efficiency of up to 80%. This company use force of water as a prime mover in the productions of electricity.

This company contribute up to over 50% of electricity consumed in Kenya. This is made possible by combination of several components for effective performance. This components are: Forebay, Intake Structure, Penstock, Hydraulic Turbine, Tailrace to mention a few.

Forebay is basin where water is temporarily stored before being allowed into intake chamber for production process. This area predict amount of electricity to be generated.

Penstock are large pipe that carries water from intake chamber to the turbine at a high speed. This pipes are designed to withstand any kind of pressure difference by any adjustments made in the forebay.

Hydraulic Turbines are devices that converts Hydraulic energy into Mechanical energy and to electrical energy by coupling the shaft to a generator.

Tailrace is a gateway where the exhausted water is released back to the stream. Tailrace is important in the system since water need to be channel to a particular point to avoid reducing system efficiency.

Maintenance is key factor in power production company as a result, Kenya Power Lightening Company has Announced Long Electricity Blackout on Monday 04 Within the Listed Area so as they can carry out the system maintenance.

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