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"With 800k Unajenga Hii Nyumba Ya 3 Bedroom" Middle Aged Man Reveals

There is growing demand for decent affordable housing that meets the needs of the family, exceeds standards and appeals to the rising tide of an educated, dynamic and youthful population.

A three bedroom house is with three bedrooms. Most residential homes in Kenya are 3 bedroom because of the cost and space that it takes to build them.

A middle aged Kenyan man has explained how he managed to build a three bedroom house with a Kshs 800000. He managed to build this house for Kshs 800000 and her is what he did.

"I know for sure with 800000 unajenga nyumba ya three bedroom na unaishi. The problem with people here ni kugongwa. Wacheni kupeana nyumba yako kwa contractors. If you have your own plot, be a hands on kinda guy." Man reveals.

He revealed that he started with a house foundation that costed him 5000 at most. Then he went ahead and bought other materials, stored them in the site. He said that the most you can spend na slab ya foundation ya 3 bedroom house is 20000. The cost here includes labour. The slab cures in two days.

Therefore after slab curing, next step is courses. It takes three days up to the lintel. Since it takes 120ft per day. The total costs after the slab to the lintel is about 100,000.

Then after the lintels, now at this stage you require a carpenter. Assuming that you have your own trees, you can easily make you own timbers. When you have your own bricks and timbers the cost of materials goes down. Therefore if you live in upcountry don't buy bricks and timbers.

According to him, he spent about 150,000 for the roofing materials. The cost including irons sheets and nails, he did not spend much on timbers since he made them from his own trees.

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