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Africa's Ten Largest Malls.

Until recently, Africa was considered the world's least developed continent. Africa, on the other hand, has made tremendous development in the last few years, as seen by the construction of some of the world's largest shopping malls on its soil. A few of these commercial centers stand out because of their luxury and inviting business climate.

The following is a list of largest shopping malls:

1.Morocco Mall.

Morocco Resort is a massive shopping mall in Africa. It's in Casablanca, on the western coast of Morocco. Scuba diving in the Center's million-liter aquarium is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for visitors to the Mall.

2.The Two Rivers Shopping Mall.

The largest mall in East Africa is Two Rivers. One part of the mall is owned by Centum, while the rest is owned by Kenyan billionaire Dr. Chris Kirubi. It's in Nairobi, Kenya, on a 65,000-square-meter lot. The shopping mall is home to a slew of international and regional brands.

3.African Shopping Mall.

It's in Midrand, Gauteng's Waterfall City neighborhood. The shopping center is owned by the Atterbury real estate company. About 13000 square meters and 6500 parking spaces make up the overall building area. The architectural design of this particular mall is bizarre. It shows African geology, with a particular emphasis on oil resources, tropical rainforests, arid landscapes, and freshwater bodies of water.

4.The Arabia Mall.

It is the continent's biggest shopping center. The Cairo Mall is a 267,000-square-meter shopping complex. A Saudi company, Fawaz Al Hokair, owns it. Beautiful hotels, international gyms, and shops selling international items may all be found at the Center.

5.Sandton City Mall.

One of Africa's largest and most historic shopping centers, Sandton City, is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 1973, the company initially let customers inside. The 128-square-foot property is owned by Pareto Limited and Liberty Holdings Limited. Consumers will find practically everything they need in this product.

6.Gateway Theatre.

Old Mutual Properties constructed this well-known shopping area between 1998 and 2001. Shopping malls like the Gateway Theatre of Shopping may be found in Umhlanga, a suburb of Durban, South Africa. With a floor area of 220,000 square meters and 12,000 parking spaces, it may be the largest mall in South Africa.

7.Canal Walk Mall.

Canal Walk is one of the best shopping centers in South Africa. It was established in Cape Town in 2000 and is situated in a high-end neighborhood. It covers an area of 141,000 square feet and is home to 400 high-end retail establishments. Impressive office space may be found in the East and West towers. The Table Mountains and Robben Island are both popular attractions for tourists.

8.City Center of Dembel.

In Ethiopia, Dembel City Center is a major shopping center. Addis Ababa's financial district is just a short walk away. The 2002 skyscraper's 123 retail or office spaces are spread throughout its 12 floors. It was the country's first western-style shopping mall.

9.The Novare Lekki Mall.

Lagos, Nigeria's largest mall, is the Novare Lekki Mall. As a result of Lekki's rapid urbanization, it first opened to the public in August 2016. The property, which is 22,000 square meters in size, is owned by Novare Real Estate Africa. Among the retailers in the Novare Lekki mall are Shoprite, Nike, Levi's, Game, and Swatch.

10.Game City Mall.

Gaborone's main shopping district is the busiest and most important in Botswana's capital city. In operation since 2003, it has a total floor space of about 50,000 sq. m. If you're looking for fashion boutiques, gift shops, or restaurants in Botswana, this is the place to go. Clothes stores in this area include Nike, Levi's, and Edgars, all of which are popular brands. Instead, you'll find Nandos, Chicken Licken, and KFC outlets on the property.

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