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Rapid Business Relocations within Nairobi CBD as Landlords Demolish their Buildings for Upgrades

With new modern building constantly being launched within the CBD, Nairobi's old landlords are now considering demolitions and renovations to create a competitive edge or meet modern architectural demands. Many building within the CBD have been are are still being closed down or completely demolished to give room for new modern buildings.

Photo: Popular buildings being reinovated or rebuild within the CBD.

While these rebuilding are aimed at meeting certain modern urban housing and planning demands, many businesses have been forced to relocated to give room for these reconstructions. A shift that has also generated a fair share of losses as businesses have to invest in new locations and communication on their new locations.

Some of the buildings being demolished are not because they are substandard but because new owners have considered new building designs to occupy their spaces. Owning a commercial building within Nairobi CBD is one of the most difficult achievements that every single entrepreneur look up to. And with the current competitive structures coming up, new owners have to be creative with their designs and terms to attract many occupants.

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