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Soil is Gold: Graduates Who Defied Notion That Farming Is Old- Fashioned Rakes in More from Farm

Mkulima Young's Facebook account has more than 13,300 followers just six months after it was created. And the number is steadily increasing, luring traders in agricultural goods and farm equipment.

Informingly, a DN2 poll reveals that the fresh graduates are uninterested in raising the customary domestic animals or cultivating the conventional crops.

A graduate of the Technical University of Kenya has disproven the belief among her friends that farming is an antiquated means of subsistence.

"I should be making Sh20,000 a month, but I actually make over Sh100,000. Is the effort not worthwhile? Asks she.

A visit to the graduate farmers' world provides a new perspective on surviving and refutes the idea that there isn't enough land for farming.

The only things that the graduates do are lease even a small bit of their parents' land, like a quarter of an acre.

It serves as a reminder to the more than 100,000 graduates who leave government colleges and universities each year that there are other ways to make a living that don't include working in the white-collar sector.

Notably, more people than just the unemployed are turning to farming. Consider Wycliffe Fundi's situation.

The civil engineer balances brief visits to his Kirata poultry farm in Embu County with short contracts with building businesses.

"If I continued to that job alone, I would be making Sh70,000 a month, he claims, but I now make five times as much money from my poultry business, which I started with just Sh3,600," he noted.

Every one of the young farmers have a busy day. Many of them spend a lot of time online reading articles about the animals they own or the crops they raise.

Most spend their mornings answering questions from clients or other digital farmers on their active Facebook pages and websites.

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