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Eng Mosonik says he will Champion for Inclusion of Women in Decision Making Platforms

Dr.Eng John Mosonik attended an Annual General Meeting at Kotabkor Women Sacco in Sotik Town and affirmed his unwavering commitment to empower them to be more competitive and create more life changing opportunities.He said saccos help isolated and powerless individuals to achieve advantages available to advance.

Mosonik said Cooperatives Societies can help in securing low-cost credit,purchasing of farm and household needs to market products.He said when women are empowered prospects of current and future generations are improved,with his extensive background of financial management,he will offer financial consultancy services.Saccos will helps improve the living standards of the women in the society.

He said moving along he will champion for inclusion of women in decision making platforms and involve them in all aspects of socialeconomic development.He said they will keep engaging and supporting them to benchmark and share notes with successful saccos in other parts of the country.This will also improve the economy in the county.

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