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Forget Quails, Here is a Breed of Chicken That Poultry Farmers Are Making a Fortune Out of it

A few years ago, farmers who were selling quail birds and their eggs made a killing out of it with many buyers believing its products had many health benefits. However, the business didn't last long after supply exceeded demand.

Currently, there is another breed of chicken that has taken the poultry industry by storm. The rearing of silkie birds has been proven to be very lucrative with farmers making a killing out of it.

This breed of chicken is known for its unusual qualities such as black skin and bones, blue earlobes and five toes on each foot. The birds appear in different colours and are sometimes kept as pets as well as being exhibited in poultry shows.

According to a poultry farmer Denis Kihara based in Mtongwe, Kwale County, silkie birds can fetch Sh 2,000 and may reach Sh 4,000 for a mature. Its eggs, which are cream, are worth between Sh200 and Sh 300 depending on the demand and availability.

Unlike other breeds, silkie are very quiet birds and this makes them perfect for an apartment pet. They rarely make a fuss but roosters still crow but are less noisy than others.

They are however poor layers averaging 2-3 eggs in a week and around 100-120 eggs in a year and that explains why they are expensive compared to a normal breed of chicken.

The birds do not require wet conditions as their fluffy feathers may not protect them from cold. When rained on, their feathers may get soaked to their skin and hence should be kept in a dry place.

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Denis Kihara Kwale County Mtongwe


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