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The Amount You Can Make From Phone And Electrical Gadgets Repair Retail Shop

Phone and electrical gadgets repair retail shop is one of the business that can generate for someone a good income since there are a good number of people in Kenya who won phones and other electrical gadgets. At one point or the other an individual's phone can develop a problem and he may need someone who can assist him repair his phone.

You can start this shop only if you have basic skills on how to repair phones and other related electrical gadgets. These skills you may have a acquired from an expert friend who taught you or from an institution.

To Start this kind of shop you need roughly 40,000 shillings. You will use this amount to rent out a small room where you will operate from, pay your business license permit, buy buying tools that you will use when serving your customers.

Build a small shade next to your shop where your customers will sit and wait as you repair for them their gadgets. To increase your trust among your customers you have to be a truthfully individual, for example when a customer leaves you with her phone repair it at the agreed time so that you don't have excuse when she comes for her phone.

Ensure you do a good job that will encourage people to come for your services since this will increase your customers traffic and ones you have sufficient customers you will be making good amount of money.

This kind of business can do well in either the small centers, growing towns or even the big cities. And with this business you can make a good profit in a day of roughly 500 shillings to 8,00 shillings daily depending with customers you serve in day. The amount you make in a day will depend with you determination and hardwork.

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