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Good News To Kenyans As The Cost Of Maize Drops, See The New Price

Maize is one of the most consumed product in the republic of Kenya. It is being reffered to as Kenya's stable food. However, despite being the stable food in the country, its prices had gone up to more than 200 shillings per to kgs. This made the lives of many kenyans to be very hard. Now, today, good news has been handed to kenyans concerning the maize prices.

As reported by the NTV News, the maize prices has fallen to less than 5000 shillings per 90kg sack. According to this publication, one bag is now sold at shs 4,500-4,800. NTV said that this is the lowest price for the last one year.

The reason for this drop is because the maize farmers in the North rift region have started harvesting their maize. The harvesting period will continue upto december where the prices are expected to drop further. This is good news to kenyans as they will now start buying maize floor at a price less than 200 shillings.

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