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KU Student Reveal The Income Her Chips Business Makes and The Amount She Used to Start (Video)

Bevaryne Kwamboka is an Education student at Kenyatta University. She gained fame and became the talk of town after she went viral on Twitter after posting her hustle of chips business which attracted lots of traffic.

Bevaryne Kwamboka has now opened up concerning her business where she has revealed the amount of money she invested into the chips business. She also reveals the much the business earns.

According to Bevaryne, she started the business with around Ksh 1200. She adds that she begun her business with four 20Kgs containers of potatoes. Bevaryne Kwamboka says that she gets between 150 to 300 customers in a single day. However she reveals that on weekends, she is able to make a better income adding that Sundays are the best days for business or when the schools are closed.

Bevaryne discloses that her business pays well and in a single day she is able to make a profit of up to Sh4000.

"We were trying to test this business and so we decided not to invest a lot of money which could have been too risky. Sundays and Saturdays are good days for business. We determine the number of customers using the number of carrier papers we use in a day. Per day we spend between three or four packets of papers. On weekends we use up to six packets and each packet has 50 papers." Bevaryne says.

She says that her biggest challenge is when it is raining as she operates in an open area. She adds that the other challenge she faces is when some people especially drunkards harass her and even order chips and fail to pay.

Kwamboka now challenges the young people to take initiative of creating employments for themselves as much as they wait for the government to employ them.

Generally, beginning a business doesn't mean that one has to start with a huge capital but can begin with the little one can afford. The business could end up growing and earning a good income. Click here to see video of Bevaryne talking about her business.

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