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BUSINESS: Sh 1 Trillion Tax Debt at Heart of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Purge

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) bid to recover sh 1 Trillion in unpaid debt taxes from former government officials, this could have informed last week's Purge of it's top officials.

Simba Cement to open a ksh 2.5 million ton clinker manufacturing plant in West pokot in July. Clinker is the main ingredient for the manufacture of Cement and the new plants has potential to cut the cost of cement. The cost of a 50 kilograms of cement will be reuced from the current ksh 650 to ksh 500.

Co-operative Bank, Kenya's third largest bank, has raised sh 12.6 billion in long term debt overdraft from European funds. The money will be used to loan out renewable energy, mortgages and agribusiness projects.

E- commerce market place JUMIA is now responsibile for defective products; sold on its site following orders by COMESA competition commission. JUMIA Africa sold sh 132.9 billion worth of goods last year to over 8.4 million Africans, half of them are Kenyans.

Nairobi has launched a physical address system for easy navigation. Buildings and locations will have multiple unique number plus street name.

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