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Top 10 Richest Counties in Kenya as of 2022

According to the Kenya Public Insights Agency (KNBS)-2020, which positions the province's abundance in light of various multidisciplinary perspectives such as actual turn of events, sustenance, wellbeing, schooling, child security, data, water, disinfection, and lodging. Along with checking out at cash destitution.


Nairobi, Kenya's capital and commercial center, is the wealthiest province, accounting for 21.7 percent of the country's GDP. The capital's economy is more than three and a half times that of Nakuru, Kiambu, Mombasa, and Machakos combined.

Nairobi's commitment to public abundance disproves the widely held belief that the seat of power accounts for more than 60% of public creation.


The city accounts for 6.1% of the country's GDP. The province's most important economic activity is horticulture. Regardless, the natural framework of the city is strong, and the people of Nakuru rely on it for other monetary activities such as tourism, energy, and a variety of other beneficial business activities.

With comparable rates of development and construction, the Nakuru Area is the fastest growing city in East and Central Africa. This rapid growth in the development sector has boosted the region's income, resulting in the establishment of numerous development-related businesses outside the region and the employment of a large number of people.


Kiambu Region generates 5.5% of Kenya's total GDP. The province has the most modern business community. Great schools and a street foundation have been established in Nairobi's Kiambu Region.

Tea, coffee, dairy products, plums, and agriculture are all good investments. It accounts for 17.4 percent of the province's revenue.


Travel is the most profitable industry, accounting for 68% of the compensation business. The city is the main draw of the country.

The white sand beach, water sports, Mombasa Marine Public Park, nature trails, authentic and social locales, and numerous elite vacationer lodgings are among the numerous vacation destinations. With a GDP of 4.7 percent, Mombasa is Kenya's fourth most populous region.


The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the district is 3.2%. Animal farming, organic product development, sand mining, mining, and exchange are all important monetary activities in this region. Oatmeal is a mature food crop.

Natural resources abound in the area, including water from the Athi and Tana streams, steers, minerals, sports, vacation spots, mountain views, and glades.

The other on the list are;

6. Meru (2.9%)

7. Kisumu (2.9%)

8. Nyandarua (2,6%)

9. Kakamega (2,4%)

10. Uasin-Gishu (2,3%).


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