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Guess what Your customers don’t care about… (Don’t lose more business of it)

Hey, I’ve got a question for you today.

What do you care about the most as a customer?

I wanted to find out what you think so I decided to run a poll on LinkedIn.

I've asked the four most commonly used talk points by companies that we have all come across somewhere down the line.

So what do you care about the most as a customer? what can a company do right now to win over your business? what is the most important message they need to convey to you today? I want you to pick out the most important thing for you right now.

Now is it one, their industry expertise or two, how they can help me with the problem that I have at hand or three, how many awards they have won or four, Is it their part clients success.

Now more than 70 of the people picked number two, how can you help me with the problem that I have at hand.

What that means is to win you over, the most important piece of information they should be communicating and focusing on is how can they solve my problem today.

Now to quote Steve Jobs, your customers do not care about you, they do not care about your product or services.

They care about themselves, their dreams, and their goals.

So what do you do now after reading this article?

I want you to go look at your website content, the emails that you've been sending, the proposals, and the presentations, and if you have focused the majority of the words by talking about yourself or your company, right now you are losing the battle to win clients over and losing big.

Now, this is the action point that you can do right now to win them over.

Write down five things or five ways that you’re able to solve the client’s problem.

Five things, five ways. Be as clear and concise as possible.

The point is to position your product or service as the medicine for their pain.

A good place to start is to find out why your customers have chosen to do business with you in the first place.

Ask them to elaborate on their experiences and when you have done that enough times, you will see that patterns start to emerge,

For example, let’s say you sell pillows and you find out people buy from you because you teach them how to choose the right pillar according to their sleeping position. Instead of just saying something like we have been the market leader in pillow since 2000 and we only sell pillows with the highest quality, change it to this.

People don't know that different types of pillows fit different sleeping positions, we teach you how to pick out the right pillows for your sleeping position so you can wake up feeling refreshed every single day.

Now to wrap up to win the client over, start by positioning your product or services as the medicine for their pain

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