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High Profitable Business Ideas For low And Middle Class Earners In Kenya

There are loads of facts and figures that make Kenya attractive as a business destination. Like the other developing countries, Kenya faces so many challenges of unemployment. However, there are many businesses that you can start as a low- or middle-class earner and make huge profits.

Here are some of the best business ideas for low- or middle-class earner in Kenya:

1.Salon/barbershop – This is one of the most profitable business ideas that you can start in Kenya. With 30,000 you can setup an executive salon or barbershop and make huge profits from the business. You will have to market your business and offer quality services to attract more customers.

2.Grocery store – In most towns in Kenya, there is always a huge demand of fresh grown vegetables. You can write a business plan and put it into work and you will make huge profits from the business. In a place with high human foot traffic, the business will work perfectly.

3.Farming – This is one of the best business ideas which you can start in the rural areas. With small amount of money, you can invest it and make high returns from it. Farming is the best business opportunity for any person who want to be a successful entrepreneur in Kenya.

4.Second hand clothes store – Its one of the best business ideas to start as a low income or middle-class earner in Kenya. Since the clothes are easily affordable in bulk, you can find a perfect location and start the business.

5.LPG gas refill – Since now gas has become an essential requirement in most homes in Kenya. A gas refilling station will do perfectly in most towns. The business might be more expensive to start, but it will make you high profits within a short period. Find a good location where there is no much competition and you will make good money from your business.

6.Bakery – a small bakery business is a good idea to start if you have great skills in culinary skills. Baking things like cakes, breads and cookies will make you good profits because these products are liked by many people. The success of your business will depend on the quality and marketing of your products.

7.Shoe selling business – Many people selling shoes make huge profits from their businesses. Mostly the women shoes do sell well in a place with high human traffic. Before starting the business, you will need to some research on the best-selling shoes and find a good location for your business.





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