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Develop Passion for Passion Fruit and Reap Big

Most farmers are shifting from crops with low returns such as beans and maize to high-value crops. One of such a crop is passion fruit. With the increase in the number of people changing their lifestyles, the demand for passion fruits is already high. Currently, the supply is still low since not many farmers have ventured into passion farming. Why not take advantage of this and venture into the lucrative agribusiness?

Purple passion is highly productive especially when proper management practices are employed. For instance, one vine of grafted purple passion fruit plant can yield an estimate of 1500 – 2500 fruits (50kg minimum) per year. At an average price of Ksh 70 per Kg, a farmer can earn Ksh 3500 per vine. An acre can accommodate between 300-1000 vines depending on the spacing. That means with a minimum of 300 vines per acre, a farmer can harvest 15tonnes per year. With a price of Ksh 70 per kilo, a farmer can pocket Ksh 1,050,000 per year. Isn’t that an investment worth venturing into?

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