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Money Laundering Business in Kenya

The wash wash 'business' in Kenya has caught the public eye, and ear in recent times. Celebrities being accused of co-operating with perpetrators have found themselves entangled in this whole scam.

Recently there has been a skit gone viral from one of the country's most creative gurus in this field.

So what exactly is wash wash. Everyone seems to have their own definition based on the stories heard around. It is in essence a money laundering scheme.

First, the guys operating this enterprise first have to look the part. They dress to kill or just dress well enough to look moneyed. They even go to extents of hiring expensive cars from bazaars so as to perfectly use their main tool off deception, brainwashing.

Many Kenyans have opted to go for this due to the quick returns and I suppose no one would blame them as these may be cited as tough economic times.

What are your thoughts and comments pertaining to this 'lucrative business'?

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