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Interested In Daily Farming? Here Are The Important Factors That You Need To Put Into Consideration

Those of us who are interested and would like to establish our dairy farms, there are some factors that you must take into consideration. 

Dairy farming is an investment that requires money, patience and time. Today we will briefly discuss on the first factor: money.


The number of animals you will keep in your farm is directly proportional to the money you will spend in establishing your farm. In your farm your will need good structures. This includes the feeding and water troughs,sleeping area , calf pens ,stores ,farm machines(chuff cutter). 

When it comes to structures, there are various designs all over.

The structure on which your animal is going to stay is very important. Just like our homes where we live in,we need a comfortable living room. It should be warm, clean and well aerated.

The same also applies to your dairy unit house. All the time the house should be warm clean and well aerated. If the above factors are not met,the production of your cow is most likely to be affected negatively.

So when you are about to construct your dairy unit house,it is always advisable to look around for various structures that will suit you financially.

Apart from the structures, you will also need to have good breeds.

There are very many good breeds available,i e. Holstein, friesians,ayshire,Guernsey and fleckvieh.

To maximise production out of your farm, the best breeds to have in your farm are Holstein and fleckvieh. When taken care of well,these two breeds are likely to produce more than 20 litres per day.

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