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How to invest in big turkey, poultry projects with 13000 shillings only

Do you know with 13000 Kenya shillings somebody can start a project that will earn her over 20 k after three months. A mature turkey 4000 - 5000 (hen verses cock), eggs 200, and 4 weeks old 1000. 

Once you have the above money buy your choice depending on the size found and proposed. Ensure there's expenses for drugs and feeds, but the owner has no enough food allow them to walk freely after their morning breakfast. Pour the meals where their water point is. When the laying time comes if (she) finds suitable place in any safe house allow it to continue but normally they love doing just like chicken does.

They incubate for 28 days, hatch at rate of 80% and differs on brooding period. Being ornamental and rare birds will automatically attract customers quickly. Before that visitors will request to buy, weigh yourself if you can't sustain until maturity, decide whether to give or leave they for near future.

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