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David Ndii Alleges The Govt Gives Away KSh 25 Billion A Year In Various Cash Transfer Programmes

David Ndii who is among top economist in Kenya and one of Kenya Kwanza government economic advisor today tweeted on his twitter page that Are you aware that the govt gives away Sh25b+ a year in various cash transfer programmes? Mr. Banker the key metric for public programmes of this kind is the social, not financial rate of return.

This comes after Mohammed Wehliye stated that The Hustler Fund has a suite of products. It is unfair to condemn the whole program. Personally I have a problem with the product already launched. And my problem is with respect to sustainability. It is difficult to sustain a product where a government lends 14 day overdraft.

Aha! So the Hustler Fund is a welfare program? Wow! How will you afford 50b dole to hustlers when you are begging IMF to give you 50b to stay alive? In this case, the Hustler Fund has potential of mutating to a major fiscal risk & could trigger a financial crisis!

David Ndii was very vocal against Uhuru and Ruto's borrowing but now it's Ruto's government and David Ndii is the Economist, borrowing is just Fine. Ladies and gentlemen, give up for Ndii the expert of siding!

Hala! Never heard "Hustler fund" described as a social welfare fund rather it was clear to all as a financial fund. These shifting of meaning makes as wary as to what exactly the "hustler fund" is.

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