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The Amazing Pictures Of How Money Is Made (PHOTOS)

Almost everyone have come across money. In fact one always come across money at least once in a day. Therefore, Have you ever asked your self how the money is made? If yes, then in this article am going to show you how money is made and I will greatly focus on US dollar note.

To begin with, making money entails several stages that must be perfectly done to produce original currency. As for US case, the process must perfect according to the US department of treasury's standards and Bureau of engraving and printing which is tasked with creating papers of money.

To begin with, US dollar note are printed in multiples on large sheets on special paper which is 75% cotton and 25% linen hence durable. Image of the dollar note is engraved onto giant steel plates then curved slightly and bolted onto a printing cylinder. Ink is added then wiped off leaving only ink engraved recessed areas on the plate. Around three tons of special ink is used each day.

The special sheet of paper is then fed into the machines as they rotate exerting pressure top and bottom printing about 8000 sheets per hour. Printing through multiple ink operation is often automated.

After printing, the printed sheet is examined for defects and the defected are destroyed.

Then the printed sheet is scanned by state of art computer to check inconsistencies.

After that, the sheet is cut into notes now and are grouped.

Then the money is packed and transported to bank according to given instruction.

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