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How To Make Money In Agribusiness With A Small Portion Of Land

It is evident that in this 21 first century and the technology it has improved farming, it's not necessary to own hectares of land to do farming that is more productive.

Agribusiness is a term used to describe the sector that complies all economic activities that are related to farming and business.

Their are different types of Agribusiness that one can do or farm to get income and improve their lives and have food security and farming in many country is the backbone of their economy including Kenya.

The use of agrochemicals to improve the productivity of the farm like pesticides to kill tick and flies, use of fertilizer for crops to grow health.

Advantages of Agribusiness

1. It's enables one to get income and it a source of employment

2. It improves system of food security

3. Less manpower required to execute

4. It encourages efficiency and specializations that canlead to more intelligence use of resources.

5. It allows for production of inexpensive goods.

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