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The Amount Of Money You Will Need To Advertise With The Biggest Billboards In Town

Advertising using billboards is among the popular means used by different cooperates in Kenya to advertise their products. The billboards are usually erected in most of our big towns in order to rich a huge number of people. According to some research, they concluded that about 71% of people who see the billboards usually remember the advert that was on it. This means that the billboards are the most efficient means if advertising compared to other digital forms.[Photo Courtesy]

The billboards are always accessible to anyone whether you you are rich or poor and it does not require any prior resource to see the advert. However, some advertisers have also migrated to social media influencers to place their adverts with them. This is due to high number if people using social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.[Photo Courtesy]

The use of social media advertisement could be attributed to the cost of putting your advert in billboards. That brings us to the amount of money the billboard owner will require in order to advertise with you. According to Stanley Kinyanjui who is the CEO of Magnate Venture, he claims that the price for the bigger billboards is about 1.3 million per year while for the small billboard is about 20,000 per year.[Photo Courtesy]

Magnate Ventures is among the top billboard companies in Kenya with over 1,200 billboards in total that are located in different parts of Kenya. The CEO revealed these news while he was talking to about the success of the advertising business.

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Stanley Kinyanjui


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