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How To Increase Milk Production In A Cow Within a Few Days

There is no cow which can produce high milk without maintaining it well as it requires.You cow can produce high milk production by doing some proper maintenance like feeding,pest control and disease control.

There are things you need to do in order you cow to increase milk production twice.Here are things you need to do to your cow for it to increase milk production.

1.Provide your cow with clean and quality water all the time to drink.Water is very essential in all organisms.It is very important in a cow because it is part of the milk.It plays a role in milk formation.It is also important do cool body temperature of cow when it is hot and help in digestion process for the case of dry hay.

2.Provide your cow with quality feeds and silage.Nothing can survive without food.To increase milk production in your cow, you must provide it with high quality and sufficient feeds to make more milk.Purchase some quality feeds that add milk from the shop.

3.Carry out proper hygiene by cleaning feeding and watering through.This help to prevent build up of pests and disease in the house.Remove all materials that remain in the house and disinfect the house regularly.

4.Control pests and disease by spraying and deworming your cow regularly. Pests are the vector of disease and therefore they should be controlled.You need to use appropriate insecticide and dewormer.This will also increase milk production.

5.Cover the cowshed well to prevent wind from entering inside.During cold a cow use a lot of energy to provide warmth and that energy could have been used to form milk.Hence warmth can increase milk production in your cow.

After I did these things, my cow increased its milk from five litres to ten litres daily.Thank you for taking your time to read on my article.

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