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Youths Stop Borrowing Money From Your Parents Instead Start This Business And Make Sh800 Daily

Money is everything nowadays. You cannot avoid basic needs such as food, clothes and shelter without a single cent. Many youths are making alot of money through farming and investing in business. It is good to start a small business instead of borrowing money from your relatives or friend. There are many opportunities outside here and you can earn daily . To start a business you must have a business plan which will help you on how you will run your own business smoothly. Furthermore, to make your business more profitable you should be more creative and innovation to attract more costumers.

You may try this business here and make you own money.

Start selling chips. To start this business you must have the following; a sufuria, potatoes, tomatoes, serving spoon, plates, tooth sticks, pepper and cooking oil. You can start this business with appropriately 6,000 shillings. To increase more costumers you must do the following;

1. Your selling place should be clean. This is because many customers like cleanliness and also will reduce some diseases that are caused by dirty.

2. Price of you chips. To make your chips affordable to all customers you must reduce price. You can sell in different prices like sh10, sh20, sh30 . Suppose you sell for more than one hundred people each giving you sh 20. It means you will make sh 2,000. After you deduct expenses, you will pocket sh 800 to sh 900 per day.

Also make sure you are serious with your business. Avoid irrelevant meetings and focus on your target. You can make sh800 per day.

Furthermore, you can reveal this business idea to you friends and relatives. This will help youths to have something in future.

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