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Characteristics and Features of a good Commercial Poultry Housing system

To better construct a good poultry housing system, here are some characteristics and features that will guide you.

1. A good poultry house must provide ease of movement within the farm

When designing your poultry farm, you must make room for workers to move freely within the pen without obstructions. This feature is important because it makes it easy for workers to provide food and water for the birds.

2. The poultry house must have controlled access.

While you need to make provision for easy movement within the poultry farm, you need to restrict or control entrance into it. When you make it easy for visitors and unauthorized people to access your poultry farm, you put your birds in danger.

3. Your poultry house must feature a comfortable bedding for the birds.

A good poultry housing must have a comfortable bedding for the birds. It should also be safe for the eggs. If the poultry bedding is poor, your chicken eggs may crack before you pick them up.

4. Convenience and ease of cleaning is a vital characteristic

This is to minimize the death of birds. You must build your poultry housing system in a way that makes every part of the farm accessible for cleaning.

5. Provides features for easy egg Collection.

If you are keeping birds in your poultry farm for egg production, then you must make provision for chicken nests for laying eggs. The poultry housing must guarantee safety and ease of collection of the eggs in good condition.

6. Fitted with good lighting and heating system.

Birds like it when the environment is warm, it keeps them healthy. So, you must ensure that you install a proper lighting and heating system that can provide adequate warmth for your birds.

7. Must allow for proper ventilation.

This is in fact a core feature of your poultry farm that will guarantee your success in the business. By providing proper ventilation for the birds, you thereby prevent the spread of contagious diseases in the farm.

8. Must have an effective waste disposal unit

When your birds die, you must take out the carcasses and dispose of them properly. An effective waste disposal unit helps to prevent bad smell around the farm and reduces the risk of exposing the birds to diseases.

9. It must be clean at all times

Besides constructing a poultry farm that is easy and convenient for cleaning, you must also make sure that the farm is clean at all times. Poultry birds are susceptible to contracting diseases in a dirty farmhouse.

10. Provide a different house for different birds according to age and species of birds.

The poultry world is like that of other animals, it is the fight for the survival of the fittest. If you put birds of different ages together, the older birds may perk or step on the younger birds and injure or kill them.

11. Must have a standard hatchery unit.

This is very vital since it is more economical to hatch your own eggs than buying day old chicks. However, it is not compulsory for you to build a hatchery if you are just starting out your poultry farming business.

12. Must be weatherproof.

A weatherproof poultry housing will keep the poultry birds safe from adverse weather conditions such as cold, rain, wind and hot sun.

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