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How sukuma wiki can make you earn 10k every week.

In the local market where I come from Sukuma wiki has more demand than any other vegetables. This is because Sukuma wiki is cheaper and affordable by the locals.

This is how you can earn millions from Sukuma wiki.

Look for a piece of land that is fertile and easy to cultivate. Have a plan of getting a pump for irrigation.Ensure you have water pipes for easy supply of water to your farm.Buy seedlings once you cultivate your piece of land.Plant your Sukuma wiki once everything is ready.Take good care of it untill it is take for harvesting.

Once the Sukuma wiki is ready sell it to the local market but in whole sells. It is upon you to control the price of each sack. Let us say you harvest 30 bags of Sukuma wiki every week.

Sell 30 bags of Sukuma wiki at a cost of 400ksh for each bag.This is how you will earn 10k every week from Sukuma wiki.

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