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Amount Of Money And Documents Required To Open An MPESA Shop In Kenya

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Opening an MPESA shop is one of the most sought after businesses in Kenya. This is because it has some advantages over other types of businesses. For example, unlike a normal shop where it is hard to keep inventory, an MPESA line owner can monitor daily transactions from wherever he is. Secondly, you only need a mobile phone to operate. This eliminates the need for a large business space which might prove costly. Lastly, MPESA shops can run alongside other businesses as a side hustle. You can have an MPESA line in your restaurant or hardware store.

To open an MPESA shop you can take two routes. You can buy a line from Safaricom licenced agent at a negotiated fee. Averagely, agents in Kenya sell an MPESA line for an amount between Sh 10,000 to Sh 20,000. If you are not comfortable buying a line from a dealer, you can buy it directly from Safaricom. To do that you will need the following documents and cash.

First Safaricom will need a prove that you have a registered limited company ready to operate in at least three locations. The business should have been registered at least six months before you apply for MPESA line. Safaricom do not essentially sell you an MPESA line. They give you three lines for the outlets but you must put a float of Sh 100,000 in each line.

Finally Safaricom will ask you particulars for the three outlets. This includes KRA compliance certificates, your ID and police clearance form. Safaricom will then require you to fill MPESA agent head office application form and the MPESA agent store application form and attach all the documents. After your application is successful you will be given the three lines. You have option to operate them by yourselves or lease to people who cannot afford the Sh 100,000 needed for float. In that you will be getting a commission every month from their operations.

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