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Kenyans Left Talking After This Was Spotted on a Bus Ticket

Public transport system has proven to be more lucrative business to venture into because most companies are now in the market posing competition in the market.

As a result many bus companies have been established in the with the likes Modern Coast, ENA Coach, Transline have, Climax have been established in the country.

On that note, Climax bus company has caused stir online on the way in which their bus tickets were written.

In a message by a social media user he questioned how that was written:

"So this is climax bus ticket...can somebody read for me the amount in words please...I think we have doctor's too this side," the social media user stated.

Here's the photo of the bus ticket:

Here's a sample reactions from Kenyans on the matter:

Dolan Gabriel: Hizi ji zile fake za country bus... Zinaandikwa ku confuse wateja

David Ochieng: Maybe you tell us how much you paid them 😉.

Shabaya Bavon: Uyo watu wakisoma class alikuwa ana copy signature ya moi nyuma ya kitabu.

Petty Kusah: Wewe umelipa ngapi ndio uulize usomewe.

Koch Backens: Hata penye unatoka na unapoenda pia haieleweki,tarehe tu ndio iko.

Casper Juma: Bora ufike no problem

Meanwhile what's your thought on the matter? Has your ticket ever been written in a way that is unreadable?

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