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How To Turn That Small Scale Business To Over a Miillion Earning Company

Have a perfect startup idea

Be decided on what you want to venture in. areas which are common and very easy to succeed are; real estate, fruit vending, butcheries, matatu sector, video games, electronics.

Implement a business plan

After coming up with your idea, plan ahead. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Decide on the amount of money you want to invest, the number of people you need to successfully work with, the duration in which the given capital will start bearing profits.

Look for capital.

You cannot start up without money.

Invest the little profits

Your first profits ought to be returned into the business rather than being spent.

Have fewer employees

This will mean that you pay them less. But also make them work more.

Be part of the labour.

You cannot afford being a boss here, so shun the leader mentality and be part of the working crew.

Minimize on days off

If you want to really expand, you will forget weekends and holidays and toil. You will also extend your hours fron 9-5 to maybe 7-6.

Avoid unnecessary budget

If some cost can be scrapped off the budget, the better. Invest the extra money into the business.

A business is like gambling keep doubling your winnings until you reach your goal.

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