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"Msikubali Kutumika na Matajiri" President Samia Sparks Mixed Reactions by Saying This to Boda-Boda

President Samia Suluhu Hassan has sparked mixed reactions after giving boda boda riders pieces of advice.

While launching projects in the Mwanza region this Sunday, 13 June 2021, President Samia has urged boda boda riders to avoid being used by rich investors.

She has noted that rich investors in the boda boda industry employ youths, who work day and night to make the rich richer as they (riders) remain poor.

According to President Samia, it is high time riders make agreements with their bosses before accepting to work for them.

She wants riders to employed on contract with friendly terms such as owning the motorbike after one year. That is, an investor should agree to surrender the bike to the rider if he/s works for him for at least one year.

She noted that the government has been issuing money while targeting boda boda riders, but the same end up benefiting the bike owners, the rich, as riders remain poor and poorer.

“Niwaombe Bodaboda muache kuwanufaisha Matajiri, endesha kwa Tajiri baadaye tafuta Bodaboda yako, endesheni kwa mkataba ukitumia vizuri mwaka mmoja umerudisha pesa yote kwa Tajiri pikipiki inakuwa yako ili pesa zinatolewa na Serikali zikuguse wewe," she said, which loosely translates to

("I ask boda boda to stop benefiting the rich, ride for them and later find your own bike, ride under contract so that if you use it well for about one year you would have returned all the money to the owner and the motorcycle becomes yours so that the money given by the government benefits you as a rider)

Her remarks have sparked reactions as shown below:

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