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Checkout the Amount of Money a Butchery Makes When you buy Meat Worthy 200 Shillings

A butchery is one of the businesses that can make you good profit. For a butchery to work well, you will need to locate it in a place with a market gap to reduce the rate of competition. Secondly, if you mentain high level of hygiene, in terms of clean butchery, tools and and meat, you may be able to attract do many frequent customers. The best thing with this business is that you can open for less hours and still make good profit. To start this business you just need few licenses and permission from the local government.You don't really need large capital to start this business, you can start with a low capital and then continue to add more money to the business according to how it is working. Almost every town right now as a slaughter house where you can get the number of kilograms you need to be delivered to your butchery and at which interval. At first you will need to examine and know the number of kilograms you can sell in a day. This will help you to plan your business well to reduces loses that would result from meat going bad in your butchery.

When you are buying meat from a slaughter in large quantities, you usually receive it at a relative wholesale price of ksh 350 per kilogram. This may differ depending on the location.The retail price of one kilogram of meat is about 450 per kilogram. Right now, using a electric weigh machine, you can be able to sell any quantity. This attracts so many customers since one can buy any meat worthy any amount of money.

According to calculations 1kg of meat in a butchery would make a relative profit of 100.This mean that a meat worth 200 would make around 40 shillings. This is quite good money because if you manage to sell meat worthy 200 shillingd to about 20 customers, you will make a profit of about 800 shilings.

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