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5 Common Mistakes in Cucumber Farming You Should Avoid

1. Planting poor quality seeds.

The use of poor quality cucumber seeds is one of the major mistakes many farmers make in cucumber farming. This results of this is poor yield and unhealthy plant growth.

2. Planting seeds too early.

This cucumber farming mistake is peculiar to farmers in frosty regions of the world. First, you need to know that cucumber is a heat loving plant. As a result, you should never plant the crop too early when there is frost or heavy rain.

3. Ignoring soil management.

Cultivating cucumber in poor soil is a perfect invitation to failure and I believe no farmer wants to fail. The cucumber plants need nutrient dense soil that is rich in organic matter, so you have to provide that.

4. Poor irrigation and water management.

Even though cucumber is a heat loving plant, it still needs water to grow properly and yield a good harvest. Therefore, there is a need to irrigate your cucumber farm, especially during dry times.

5. Inadequate fertilization.

This error begins from the moment the farmer decides not to test the soil first to know what kind of fertilizers to use. As long as a farmer uses insufficient fertilizers and manure on his cucumber farm, he will definitely record very low yield.

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