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Stick To Kienyeji Chicken Farming And You Will Make Thousands Of Shillings On A Weekly Basis

Farming is the main economic activity in Kenya.It is undoubtedly the backbone of our country's economy. Millions of citizens depend on farming for survival, others for food while others make money in the same activity.One can either engage in food crop farming of cash crop depending on the budget.

Rearing of chicken is attracting many investigators.It is a very profitable venture as the market is readily available.With the growing population food security may not be achieved easily.But it is encouraging to see that a number of people are practising this.Chicken products such as eggs and meat are consumed in many homes.

There are a variety of chicken species. If you are a beginner in the venture it is very wise of you to rear Kienyeji Chicken. Why am I advising you to do so? A lot of advantages as compared to the advantages come with this. First of all , this type of birds are not costly. Secondly ,when you conduct your research exhaustively you will find out that many people are now going to the organic foods. Although some keep the improved chicken Kienyeji ones are preferred.

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