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The most profitable businesses in kenya

Relying on your salary alone may not be the best way to become successful in Kenya. This is because there are many expenses that one has to cater for. Below are some of the most profitable businesses that you can start in Kenya today.

1. Carwash business.

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There are many people who own cars in kenya and like to have them cleaned on a daily basis. This therefore means that there is ready market for this business. This business is very profitable as there is very little capital needed to start it. Depending on where you business is located , you can make as low as ksh 10,000 per day.

2. Sales of spare parts.

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When you want to start a spare parts business, then you really have to be keen on a particular sector. This is mainly because there are some sectors such as the automotive industry that is very profitable. There is high demand for the spare parts for vehicles and motorcycles all over the country. This is because there are many kenyans ho own cars and motorcycles.

3. Milk distribution.

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Most people in Kenya believe that for a good breakfast then milk must exist. This therefore means that tye demand for milk is very high. Since most farmers do not sell directly to the consumers, you can gather some funds and open a milk distribution business. You will make more profit as the window for a loss in this business is next to impossible.

4. Courier business.

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Due to the increase growth of online stores, there has been an increased demand for courier services in Kenya. Depending on how much capital you have, you can start a small corier business in order to help people deliver goods to any areas nerd you.

5. Laundry business.

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Nowadays, most people find it hard to do most of their laundry themselves. This is because the are always very busy during the weekdays and prefer resting during the weekends. You canntake advantage of this and start a laundry cleaning business in your residential area. This business is very profita as you will always have ready customers.

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