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Mombasa Joy, Naivasha Pain; Value Of Mai Mahiu Plunges After Port Services Revert Back To Mombasa

The value of land in Maai Mahiu has dropped nearly by 30 per cent after President Ruto gave a directive on his first hours in office that all port operation taking place in Nairobi Inland Deport be reverted back to the coastal town of Mombasa.

This has seen the end of an asset bubbled that saw land owners selling their assets to speculators after tge extension of the standard gauge railway line was mooted.

Some who had rushed to purchase lands in the area are now in panic mode hurriedly trying to see of their parcel of land before the lands value depreciates further. Some had acquired the pieces of lands by debts now they are unable to pay following the president's decree.

In addition resident from the area are crying out as this has also led to loose of of jobs, the town slowly getting back to ints initial state before, balast, metals and engine roared the town into life

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