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KPLC Announces a Long Electricity Blackout on Monday, April 12, Check if You Will be Affected

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company always keep its customers updated whenever the company has planned shutdowns. This makes the company maintain its reliability to the customers. KPLC has an elaborate communication systems which help in making the company's information readily available to their customers. One of the KPLC's communication channel is their official website where the power retailer always post the blackout notices. The utility has now announced in the latest notice that there will be places facing a long outage on Monday, April 12.

The Kenya Power has been facing several challenges. Some of the challenges being huge system losses. This has contributed to financial difficulties facing the Kenya Power and Lighting Company. Another major problem is the illegal power connectivities in different parts of the country. These have costed Kenya Power billions of money.

Now the Kenya Power is seeking a long lasting solution to these issues. One thing that Kenya Power is adopting with an aim of solving these problems is the use of smart electricity meters. This is set to see a robust change in the Kenya Power electricity consumption. Smart meters play a major role in electricity conservation. Additionally the new meters reduces the electricity wastages which leads to system losses. For example Kenya Power lost over 40 billion through system losses. The new smart meters will help in curbing these losses. 

The smart meters have many other advantages. These include monitoring the power supply system on time and also providing analysis data on power usage. The new smart meters also help in balancing the power loads. The Kenya Power will therefore be in a position to reduce the wastage. KPLC will also be able to predict the electricity demand in an efficient manner since smart meters provide very accurate data. 

In addition to this, it is important to note that a smart meter has capability of monitoring electricity consumption and therefore it will be very difficult to have illegal power consumption. Being an electronic device, a smart meter is highly improved such that cases of meter bypassing can easily be noticed. This will therefore help Kenya Power capture those who are engaging in illegal power installations. Some of the smart meters will be installed on transformers which will help the Kenya Power in determining the amount of energy being consumed by the customers in a certain area and hence the company can compare this data with the data supplied by individual customers for the power consumed in a given period of time.

Now turning to the blackout notice, the Kenya Power has scheduled a maintenance interruption tomorrow in the following areas.

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