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Why the richest man in the world lives in a rented box apartment

The world's richest man Elon Musk who is valued at about $200 billion is a very interesting billionaire whose achievements can take hours to tell. The CEO has in recent years become a public talk for his achievements in both the automobile and space travel industries.

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Mr Musk is the founder and CEO of Tesla, Space X and solar city. Musk garnered his huge income during the COVID-19 pandemic period where he made more than 150 billion dollars.

Elon aims to make humans multi-planetary in his mars colonization program. Through his Space X company which manufactures reusable rockets, he is currently making a space courier called the star ship which is preparing to go to mars.

However, despite his achievements Elon musk came under scrutiny for holding so much wealth without having philanthropy programs like his fellow billionaires. This made the Tesla CEO to sell all his five houses which accumulated more than 50 million dollars in value.

After selling his house Elon Musk prompted to stay Ina $50,000 rented boxabal house. The house which is a box that has several compatments like a bed and a kitchen was made by a housing startup Boxabal which aims to make affordable housing for all.

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Replying to a tweet Mr Musk hinted that he lived in such a house.

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